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Face to face personal training in Utrecht. Gym sport. Push up. Best Personal Trainer in Utrecht. Trainer Basic Fit.

Let me help you and together


Are you looking to improve your health, your look or your quality of life? 


The regular practice of physical exercise, correct nutritional habits and an active lifestyle are essential elements to achieve your objectives. All together, will allow you to keep your body and mind in optimal conditions to achieve your goals and face the harsh daily life.

Gym time
Push up
Sport and handicap
Get fit
Couple personal training
Get fit. Achieve your goals. Oudoors sport. Trekking. Quality of life.

I have a lot of passion for my work and my training is aimed at working with you to achieve your goals. For me, it is central that sports are carried out in a professional and responsible manner and that it matches your wishes and possibilities.


I have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Physical Activity, Health and Education. Over the years I have seen people's lives change through sport. Improving both physical abilities (people with conditions that limited their daily activity and who can now return to normal life) and mental attitude to life (by feeling much more confident after achieving their goals). In all cases, this translates into an improvement in the quality of life.


Each person becomes the best possible version of themselves!

  • We start with an intake interview in which we go through an extensive questionary, perform health and fitness tests and determine your goals and expectations.


  • Taking into account the intake interview and based on biomechanical and physiological criteria, a varied and dynamic exclusive training program that matches your needs and goals is elaborated.

  • The program lasts between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on the type of training, the phase we are in and the frequency of training per week.

  • At the end of each program and based on the results achieved, a new training program is created in which we work further towards achieving the set goals.

  • Every certain time we will perform again the tests and measurements that we did at the beginning to check the evolution and improvement and adapt the new programs to your current capacities.


Get to know your body and meet yourself!

Healthy physical exercise

  • Physical condition improvement (strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, ...)

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle mass increasement

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Recovery after muscle, bone and joint injuries and operations

  • Exercise for people with functional diversity

  • Posture correction and ergonomics

  • Learning and control of breathing and relaxation and with it, of emotions, sleep, stress, ...

Sports and pregnancy


  • Exercises during and after pregnancy

Choose the most suitable modality for your needs or try a free session and




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