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"Miguel is a top trainer! Big stick for me and enthusiastic in the guidance! He makes suitable programs and knows how to challenge. Very happy with him."


Personal training Utrecht. Get your goals. Get fit. Best trainer in Utrecht. TRX. Core. Work done. Tired after training. Happy to sport.
Shoulder press. Strength training. Outdoors training. Bands. Winter training.

"Miguel is a committed and highly professional personal trainer. My back complaints have been greatly reduced by his guidance.
Miguel's workouts are varied and meet my needs. I feel physically stronger and my fitness has improved enormously."


"Miguel is a top personal trainer! He helped me to reach my goals, corrected me with basics exercises I was doing wrong without knowing it, adapted my programs when it was either too easy, or too difficult but also helped me to strengthen my back and shoulders after injuries. The dynamic was perfect and always in great professionalism. I kept training with Miguel during my entire pregnancy, with adapted exercises in order to get prepared for the next recovery to come. I knew I was in good hands to continue to train until my 36 weeks of pregnancy. Miguel was also perfect for post pregnancy trainings, definitely when not knowing what to do, and how to do it. I can only recommend him!"


Sport and pregnancy. Healthy sport. Responsible sport. Little beautiful baby.
Sport and pregnancy. Healthy sport. Responsible sport. Little beautiful baby.

"Miguel was the first trainer that could motivate me to regularly
train in the gym. Due to my work, I have to travel constantly and Miguel was always super flexible to adapt to my irregular work schedule which was inmensenly appreciated.
Miguel is a very good motivator and prepares all the sesions with your goals in mind and adapting them as progress is made.
I can highly recommend him!"


"In my moments of weakness, Miguel helped me do weight loss exercises and gave me support in the most needy months, thanks to losing weight in a natural and effective way. I started with 95 kilos and I ended with 61 kilos. He helped me a lot with exercise and my physical health ... Thank you very much!"


Stomach reduction. Weightloss. Rehabilitation.
Achieve your goals. Training. Taekwondo. Green belt. Blue belt.

"Since the beginning of 2017 I have been training regularly with Miguel. He is a highly skilled sports instructor and nutritionist.
A win!"


"Training with Miguel means tailor-made training! After my back operation fitter than ever thanks to a program “designed to my body”!"


Plank. Abdominal training. Core. Enjoy the training.
Rehabilitation. Abductors training. Mat training. Balance pillow. Sport for everybody.

"With great pleasure, Maaike sports one morning together with Miguel every two weeks. In addition to the pleasure, her condition and muscle strength have increased enormously, which makes her move much better"

Annelies (Maaike's aunt)

"I felt like going back to training at a higher level under supervision. I hadn't trained seriously for so long that I thought I could use some help. Super good decision. Coordination, flexibility, strength and fitness have been worked on. I am very happy with the results. For me it served as a kick start to get back to training properly. Thanks Miguel!"


Couple training. Running. Outdoors personal training.
One leg deadlift. Knees recovery. Rehabilitation. Balance and stabilizators training. Improving.

"Miguel takes into account any limitations and adjusts his training accordingly. Muscle toning and balance instead of just strength training."


"Years of working out together have greatly improved my health and fitness. My sleeping problems have completely disappeared because of this. Thanks Miguel for your versatile approximation, covering all areas of health. Very professional and versatile approach."


TRX. Suspension training. Core. Push up variations. Sport with pleasure.
Squat. Outdoors training. Personal Training in Utrecht. Leg day.

"As a 60-plus, very fit for more than 4 years thanks to Miguel's training programs. We train endurance, strength and stability with new and varied programs every month. Super..."


"I have been training with Miguel for 4 years now and my fitness has improved a lot since then. In the beginning I had a bit of overweight and now I am completely fit. In addition to train, we have fun together and I learned to enjoy exercising."


Crossover. Outdoors training. Personal Training in Utrecht. Chest day.
Home personal training. Glutes with bands. Rehabilitation.

"It is nice to have a trainer who really motivates me not to give up and to keep getting better.
After having had 3 serious accidents, Miguel has helped me very well in these 3 years, my body is improving more and more with the help of Miguel!"


* As you will see, the quality of the videos is not the best. Just for you to know some of the exercises we do.

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